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WebLogic Reset

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    • Slower CKD stage (3) Wed12,16:41pm

      Having your kidneys work 窶 even a little 窶 can help you feel better and live longer. If you can slow your CKD, you can delay the need for treatment of kidney failure. The types of changes you might make to help your heart or the rest of your body will help your kidneys, too. Here are some things you can do 窶 or avoid 窶 to protect your kidneys: r Blood Sugar In The Target Range.…


WebLogic Reset


ツツツ security繝輔か繝ォ繝繧剃ス懈

ツツツ $ mkdir $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/security

ツツツ boot.properties繧剃ス懈

ツツツ username=weblogic
ツツツ password=password

ツツツ 窶サ蟷ウ譁縺ァOK

ツツツ nohup & 縺ァWeblogic繧定オキ蜍

ツツツ $ nohup sh $DOMAIN_HOME/ &

ツツツ 窶サnohup.out縺ォ蜷舌°繧後k縺ョ縺後>繧縺縺」縺溘i驕ゥ蠖薙↓繝ェ繝繧、繝ャ繧ッ繝医&縺帙k

ツツツ boot.properties縺梧囓蜿キ蛹悶&繧後※繧九%縺ィ繧堤「コ隱

ツツツ $ cat $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServers/security/
ツツツ #Thu Jun 16 05:35:28 EDT 2016
ツツツ password={AES}uzZmaJnFMBzdGWBFCN58v5Z7nQiBmtMoW3r3OT1FSQk\=
ツツツ username={AES}EBuija9FFIPX7z1kT/15/PZO9upqyGCTxXiESAHHTYQ\=

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