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VMware reset vcenter pass

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VMware reset vcenter pass

By default,ツtheツvCenterツSingle Sign-Onツpassword expires everyツ90 days.ツTo prevent unexpected expiration, the vSphere Client issues aツwarningツwhenツthe password is about to expire; however, if youツfind yourself in a situation where youツcannot recall the password or the password has expired, it can be reset. The reset process is performed from an SSH session toツvCenter.

Reset SSO Administrator Password

To begin, SSH to theツvCenterツServer Appliance and log in with the root account.

vCenter Root Log In

Next, enable BASH shell accessツand launch BASH.

shell.setツ窶兎nabled true


Enable Bash Shell

With BASH launched, we will run theツvdcadmintoolツto reset the SSO account password.



Select optionツ3ツtoツReset account password.

Reset Account Password

Enter theツAccount UPN.ツAfter hitting enter, aツnew password is automatically generated.

NOTEツ窶 The account format isツSSOusername@vsphereDomain.local.ツTypically, the account isツadministrator@vsphere.local.

SSO Account UPN

Navigateツback to the vSphere Web Client andツlog inツwith the newly generated password.

vCenter Client Log In

ChangeツSSO Administrator Password

To change the SSO admin password, selectツAdministrationツfrom the Navigator menu.

vCenter Navigator

Next, locate theツAdministratorツuser from theツSingle Sign-on Users and Groups. Click theツpencilツto edit the account properties.

SSO Administrator

Enter theツCurrent Passwordツand aツnewツpassword. Confirm the password. SelectツOKツto submit the changes.

Password Reset

The SSO admin password has now been reset andツchanged. It is also possible toツchange the password expiration from the default 90 days.

Change SSO Administrator Password Expiration

To set the password lifetime, navigate to theツSingle Sign-On ConfigurationツunderツPolicies. SelectツEditツon theツPassword Policy.

Password Policy

The maximum number of days allowed is 9999. To set the password to never expire, enterツ0ツin theツMaximum Lifetimeツdays. PressツOkツto continue.

Password Expiration

That窶冱 it!

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