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Openssl key import to java

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Openssl key import to java

openssl繧ウ繝槭Φ繝峨〒菴懈舌@縺 遘伜ッ骰オ縺ィ險シ譏取嶌繧稚omcat縺ョSSL繧ウ繝阪け繧ソ縺ォ繧ょア譛峨&縺帙◆縺縺ィ縺阪′縺ゅk縲

native縺ョAPR繧剃スソ縺医ー縲ヾSLCertificateFile螻樊ァ縺ェ縺ゥ縺御スソ縺医※縺昴ョ縺セ縺セ險ュ螳壹ヵ繧。繧、繝ォ縺ォCRT繝輔ぃ繧、繝ォ繧呈欠螳壹〒縺阪k縺後〔eytool 縺ァ螟画鋤縺ァ縺阪k縲


# openssl pkcs12 -export -in /etc/pki/tls/certs/ssl.crtツ
縲-inkey /etc/pki/tls/private/ssl.keyツ
縲-out /usr/local/tomcat/keystore.pkcs12ツ
縲-name "tomcat"シ亥ョ滄圀縺ッシ題。後〒蜈・蜉幢シ

縺薙ョ蝣エ蜷医ョ -name "tomcat" 縺ョ蛟、縺ッ縲∵ャ。縺ョ螟画鋤縺ァ菴ソ逕ィ縺吶k縲

縺輔i縺ォ谺。縺ョ繧ウ繝槭Φ繝峨〒 pkcs12蠖「蠑上ョ繝繝シ繧ソ繧偵う繝ウ繝昴シ繝医☆繧九

# keytool -importkeystoreツ
縲-srckeystore /usr/local/tomcat/keystore.pkcs12ツ
縲-destkeystore /usr/local/tomcat/ssl.keystoreツ
縲-srcstoretype pkcs12ツ
縲-deststoretype jks -deststoretype jks -destalias "tomcat"ツ
縲-destkeypass "111111"縲シ亥ョ滄圀縺ッシ題。後〒蜈・蜉幢シ

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