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Raspberry minimalis

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Raspberry minimalis

Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi comes with a lot of packages most people don’t need, so we will remove the largest ones to gain more disk space.

1- Remove Mathematica and Scratch

Raspbian comes with Mathematica (460MB) and scratch (67MB) can remove them with next command:

sudo apt-get remove --purge wolfram-engine scratch

2- Remove Java

If you don’t need java, depending on what version you have (186MB)

sudo apt-get remove --purge oracle-java7-jdk

sudo apt-get remove --purge oracle-java8-jdk

3- Remove Media Player and PenguinsPuzzle

If you don’t need the media player (10.7MB) or penguinspuzzle (4MB)

sudo apt-get remove --purge omxplayer penguinspuzzle

4- Remove some Python Packages if dont need them

Some python packages if dont need them (10MB)

sudo apt-get remove --purge python-pygame python-tk python3-tk

sudo apt-get autoremove

Remove Libre Office

$ sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*

$ sudo apt-get clean

$ sudo apt-get autoremove

OPTIONAL extra step to remove the Graphical UI.

Now we gained more space, if you still want to remove more packages, and DO NOT use the graphical desktop, Only do this if you're happy with running command line

sudo apt-get remove --purge desktop-base lightdm lxappearance lxde-common lxde-icon-theme lxinput lxpanel lxpolkit lxrandr lxsession-edit lxshortcut lxtask lxterminal

sudo apt-get autoremove


You just stripped your Raspbian, Smexy!

Wolframとmathematica 640MB程度

$ sudo apt-get purge wolfram-engine
Sonic Pi
$ sudo apt-get purge sonic-pi

Scratch 30MB程度

$ sudo apt-get purge scrach

libreoffice 250MB程度

$ sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice*
$ sudo apt-get clean
$ sudo apt-get autoremove


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