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      sesuai post saya yang terakhirツdisini, rumah dua pohon sedang dalam pembangunan tahap 2 dengan material utama menggunakan baja. baja adalah material konstruksi yang paling padat apabila dibandingkan dengan beton dan kayu karena memiliki berat satuan yang cukup besar. karena baja bisa difabrikasi di pabrik, pemasangan di site bisa lebih cepat dibandingkan dengan beton yang mesti dicetak dan ditun…



Shell In A Boxツ(pronounced asツshellinabox) is a web based terminal emulator created byMarkus Gutschke. It has built-in web server that runs as a web-basedツSSH clientツon a specifiedツportツand prompt you a web terminal emulator to access and control yourツLinux Server SSH Shellツremotely using anyツAJAX/JavaScriptツandツCSSツenabled browsers without the need of any additional browser plugins such asツFireSSH.

In this tutorial, I describe how to installツShellinaboxツand access remoteツSSH terminalツusing a modern web browser on any machine.ツWeb-based SSHツis very useful when you are protected withツfirewallツand onlyツHTTP(s) traffic can get through.

Installing Shellinabox on Linux

By default,ツShellinaboxツtool is included on manyツLinuxツdistributions through default repositories, includingツDebian,ツUbuntuツandツLinux Mint.

Make sure that your repository enabled and available to installツShellinaboxツfrom the that repository. To check, do a search forツShellinaboxツwith the 窶apt-cache窶 command and then install it using 窶apt-get窶 command. `

On Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint
$ sudo apt-cache search shellinabox
$ sudo apt-get install openssl shellinabox
On RHEL, CentOS and Fedora
OnツRed Hatツbased distributions, you need to first haveツenable EPEL repositoryツand then install it using the following 窶yum窶 command. (Fedoraツusers don窶冲 need to enableツEPEL, it窶冱 already a part ofツFedoraツproject).
# yum install openssl shellinabox

Configuring Shellinabox

By default,ツshellinaboxdツlistens onツTCPツportツ4200ツonツlocalhost. For security reason, I change this default port to a random (i.e.ツ6175) to make it difficult for anyone to reach yourツSSHツbox. Also, during installation a new self-signedツSSLツcertificate automatically created under 窶/var/lib/shellinabox窶 to useツHTTPSツprotocol.

On Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint
$ sudo vi /etc/default/shellinabox
# TCP port that shellinboxd's webserver listens on

# specify the IP address of a destination SSH server
SHELLINABOX_ARGS="--o-beep -s /:SSH:"

# if you want to restrict access to shellinaboxd from localhost only
SHELLINABOX_ARGS="--o-beep -s /:SSH: --localhost-only"
On RHEL, CentOS and Fedora
# vi /etc/sysconfig/shellinaboxd
# TCP port that shellinboxd's webserver listens on

# specify the IP address of a destination SSH server
OPTS="-s /:SSH:"

# if you want to restrict access to shellinaboxd from localhost only
OPTS="-s /:SSH: --localhost-only"

Starting Shellinabox

Once you窶况e done with the configuration, you can start the service by issuing following command.

On Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint
$ sudo service shellinaboxd start
On RHEL and CentOS
# service shellinaboxd start
On Fedora
# systemctl enable shellinaboxd.service
# systemctl start shellinaboxd.service

Verify Shellinabox

Now let窶冱 verify whetherツShellinaboxツis running on portツ6175ツusing 窶netstat窶 command.

$ sudo netstat -nap | grep shellinabox
# netstat -nap | grep shellinabox
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      12274/shellinaboxd

Now open up your web browser, and navigate toツhttps://Your-IP-Adress:6175. You should be able to see a web-basedツSSH terminal. Login using yourツusernameツandツpasswordツand you should be presented with your shell prompt.

Install Shellinabox in Linux

Shellinabox SSH Login

Shellinabox SSH Shell

Shellinabox SSH Shell

Shellinabox SSH Logout

Shellinabox SSH Logout

You canツright-clickツto use several features and actions, including changing the look and feel of your shell.

Shellinabox More Options

Shellinabox More Options

Make sure you secure youツshellinaboxツonツfirewallツand openツ6175ツport for specificツIP Addressto access your Linux shell remotely.


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