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Add Japanese to Group Office-3.7

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    • Slower CKD stage (3) Wed12,16:41pm

      Having your kidneys work 窶 even a little 窶 can help you feel better and live longer. If you can slow your CKD, you can delay the need for treatment of kidney failure. The types of changes you might make to help your heart or the rest of your body will help your kidneys, too. Here are some things you can do 窶 or avoid 窶 to protect your kidneys: r Blood Sugar In The Target Range.…


Add Japanese to Group Office-3.7
gunzip goffice-jp2.patch.gz縲縺ァ goffice-jp2.patch 繧剃ス懈舌∫キィ髮
groupoffice-com-3.6.20 繧 groupoffice-com-3.7.23 縺ォ蜈ィ縺ヲ鄂ョ謠帙☆繧九

遘√ョ蝣エ蜷医ッ /root 縺ォ
繧帝咲スョ縺 /root 縺九iツpatch -p0 < goffice-jp2.patchツ繧貞ョ溯。後∵律譛ャ隱槭ヵ繧。繧、繝ォ繧定ソス蜉縺励◆縲

縺励°縺励“roupoffice-com-3.7.23/language/ 縺梧嶌縺榊、峨o繧峨↑縺縺ョ縺ァ謇句虚縺ァ蟇セ蜃ヲ縺吶k縲ゑシ定。檎岼縺ォ

蠕後ッ groupoffice-com-3.7.24/ 繧帝←蠖薙↑蝣エ謇縺ォ遘サ蜍輔@縺ヲ螳梧舌

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