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ROM remixOS galaxy note4

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ROM remixOS galaxy note4

Resurrection Remix theツROMツhas been based on CM, slim.omni and original RemixツROMツbuilds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization,ツpowerツand the most new features, brought directly to yourツDevice.

Many things that in previous versions were tweaked withツmods, are now included by default in theツROMツso, please enjoy!

Special thanks to, the LineageOS team, OMNI team, SLIMROMS and of course to all the supporters.

Proper Credits

Firstly, i want give proper credits and big thx to:

  • micky387
  • github-cygwin
  • underscoremone
  • All LineageOS, CM and AOSP developers
  • Community


Kernel Features

Since RROS 5.8.5 Final Version is my own kernel version (DevTec Kernel,ツLinuxツV3.10.107) included.
(Source Code)

Installation Instructions

  1. Download your LineageOSツRomツand GApps Package,
  2. Move your LineageOSツRomツand GApps Package to the externalツMicroSDツstorage,
  3. Bootツinto Recovery Mode (Hold volume up, Home, andツPowerツbuttonツfor 1 second after the vibration),
  4. Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Select On (enable tick) for Dalvik / ArtツCache,ツSystem, Data, Internal Storage,ツCache,
  5. Swipe to Wipe at Bottom ofツScreen,
  6. Back to Main startツscreen,
  7. Wipe > Format Data,
  8. Type 'Yes' and press blue checkmark at the bottom-right corner,
  9. Go Back to Main StartツScreenツtoツInstallツRomツand GApps,
  10. After you have finished installing theツRomツand GApps > Wipe Cache/Dalvik > Swipe to Wipe,
  11. RebootツSystem! Enjoy!

Update Instructions

  • Download the new build
  • FlashツROM
  • FlashツGapps
  • Wipe dalvikツcache
  • Wipeツcache
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy!


(allツRomsツUSE MM bootloader andツmodem)

Mirror 1ツ|ツMirror 2ツ|ツMirror 3

Opengapps pico

Bootloader/Modem (N910F)

TWRP for N910F (trltexx)

LineageOS su
su addon

Magisk Stable


Github mobspyguy
Github ResurrectionRemix
Github micky387
Github samsung-apq8084



  • IR Blaster not work
  • all other LineageOS issues

XDA:DevDB Information
RomツResurrection Remix 6.1.0,ツROMツfor theツSamsungツGalaxyツNoteツ4


ROMツOS Version:ツ8.x Oreo
Based On:ツLineageOS, AOSP

Version Information
Current Stable Version:ツ6.1.0
Stable Release Date:ツ2018-08-16

Last Updatedツ2018-08-16

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