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ROM 2018 galaxy note 4

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ROM 2018 galaxy note 4


  1. Make sure to have a complete backup of your device before proceeding.
  2. Make sure that your device is fully charged when you are attempting a ROM installation.
  3. Please be patient when you are installing custom ROMs. Few ROMs can take up toツ30 mins for installation. Your any unnecessary action can cause hard bricking of your device.

List of Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 4 2018


The first ROM on our list of Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 4 is Lineage OS. Lineage OS was born due to the end of cyanogen. The LineageOSツ15.1 ROM is built on Android Oreo with a good amount of customization options. Also, this ROM has a complete Stock AndroidツLike interface. Due to the Lineage窶冱 team efforts put into every device as well as the developers who work to add support for this ROM, LineageOSツis highly recommended as it is one of the most stable ROMs for the Galaxy Note 4.

Download LineageOS 15.1ツ

Download LineageOS 14.1ツ

Resurrection Remix 5.8.5

Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 is based on Android 7.1.2. It is one of the ROMs which have the maximum amount of customization options. These include changes in the status bar, animations, widgets, quick toggles, App Sidebar, lock screen etc. Ressurection Remix has a name for being a stable ROM and it is true in the Galaxy Note 4 case as well. It is snappy and enhances the phone窶冱 ability to last longer. This a perfect suit for your Note 4 according to 2018窶冱 standards.

Download Resurrection Remix 5.8.5


EmotionOS is based on LineageOS. Features of this ROM includes Navigation Bar, OmniSwitch, Statusbar settings, Gestures, App Circle Bar, Widgets, LockScreen and Notification Drawer. Not only this, this ROM also has support for OTA updates. Overall, a well built ROM with decent speed.

Download EmotionOS


Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 4 2018

The Note4UXedge ROM is based on Android 7.1 with UX of the Galaxy S8. Thoughツit is like the Galaxy S8, still it has added customization options likeツthe s8 launcher, s8 icons, s8 music, google assistant, Svoice, ultra data saver, face unlock through the front camera, power planning, soundalive 41, quickconnect 4x and a lot more. To conclude it, a decent ROM.

Download Note4UXedge


Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 4 2018

According to our team窶冱 search, we foundツthat this ROM is pretty well built with a decentツnumber of customization options. This ROMs interface is like a traditional Samsung one but with theツomission of bloatware.

Download XOSP

This was our list of Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 4 2018. We will be adding more ROMs in the near future and continuously updating this post.


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